Amazon: How it Grew (Infographic)

You know that Amazon has this giant ecommerce store that sells everything from A to Z. It would be more surprising to find someone today who hasn’t ever shopped on Amazon than one who uses it almost daily. But did you know that Amazon started off as a modest online bookstore? How did Amazon grow […]

Why WordPress is the Primary Tool for Many Internet Start-Ups

In its 14 years on the market, WordPress has powered many of the world’s top sites and most profitable start-ups. Designed as a basic blogging platform, WordPress grew into a software development tool used to power millions of sites and businesses around the Internet. Today, this powerful Content Management System powers nearly a third of […]

How to Hire Proficient Developers for Your Startup

The life of any startup consists of two parts, which are a search for the niche and scaling. To become successful at early stages, you should strive to the highest degree of product/market fit, an indicator showing how much your product or service satisfies a marketing demand. That is, the paramount task is to create […]