What Companies Does Microsoft Own? – [Answered]

Microsoft, an American multinational company related to technology was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The company got its boost from introducing MS-DOS in the mid-1980s as a personal computer operating system, followed by Windows by Microsoft or Microsoft Windows. Not only do they develop, license, and sell computer software(s) but also […]

What Companies Does Apple Own? – [Answered]

Apple was founded by Ronald Wayne, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak back in April 1976, focusing on development and sales of Wozniak’s Apple I personal computer. Just after a year, it was incorporated as Apple Inc. in 1977. During that time, sales of computers were gradually increasing, including the sales of their own Apple II. […]

What Companies Does Facebook Own? – [Answered]

Facebook, an american online social media website launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg keeps getting bigger and bigger. Not only do they focus on allowing their platform to be able to provide everything in the single place – from ads to messaging and so on – but also try to acquire other products as well […]

What Companies Does Google Own? – [Answered]

Google, a company known as a search engine to the whole world, doesn’t only add new features and services to their existing infrastructure but also acquires other startups and companies to increase their offerings. For those who don’t know about Google, they first started as a search engine and then kept on adding additional features […]

Wix Answers – a tool that will boost your customer support

On one hand you have customers calling and looking for answers, on the other one you have a team struggling to keep everything together, and then there’s you: caught up in the middle. How long can you keep it up like that? With every client that is not satisfied with your customer service, you risk […]

Amazon: How it Grew (Infographic)

You know that Amazon has this giant ecommerce store that sells everything from A to Z. It would be more surprising to find someone today who hasn’t ever shopped on Amazon than one who uses it almost daily. But did you know that Amazon started off as a modest online bookstore? How did Amazon grow […]

Why WordPress is the Primary Tool for Many Internet Start-Ups

In its 14 years on the market, WordPress has powered many of the world’s top sites and most profitable start-ups. Designed as a basic blogging platform, WordPress grew into a software development tool used to power millions of sites and businesses around the Internet. Today, this powerful Content Management System powers nearly a third of […]

How to Hire Proficient Developers for Your Startup

The life of any startup consists of two parts, which are a search for the niche and scaling. To become successful at early stages, you should strive to the highest degree of product/market fit, an indicator showing how much your product or service satisfies a marketing demand. That is, the paramount task is to create […]