Google has acquired 212 organizations. Their most recent acquisition was ITA Software on April 13, 2011

Google is a publicly-traded multinational organization, which was built around the famous search engine. Google’s other services include OS development, browser and app development, advertising technologies, cloud computing and internet analytics.

Google was started in 1995 by two grad students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who first met at the Stanford University. In 1996 both collaborated on a project that eventually turned out to be Google. It was initially called BackRub. The creators failed to get any funding, so they started their office in a Garage in 1998, California.

Google’s main internet products include Google Play, Chrome, Android, Cloud, YouTube, Maps, Commerce, Ads and Search. The company is also known to produce hardware like Nexus, Chromebooks and Chromecast. 14% of the share of Google is owned by the Larry Page and Sergey Bin, and they manage 56% through supervoting stock. Sundar Pichai is the current CEO of Google. The company has 72000 employees as of 2016.

Google is known to be the internet giant. Mainly Google runs under the name of Alphabet Inc. and the search engine is its biggest subsidiary. Google’s per year revenue is around 89.46 billion. So, this major revenue led the company to some acquisitions. Google acquisitions go as high as 200 companies and the biggest of them all is Motorola Mobility, which the Google acquired for $12.5 billion. Most of the firms bought by Google are based in United States.

The interesting thing is that most of the services provided by Google are the result of its acquisitions. For instance, one of the first Google acquisitions, the Deja News, resulted in Google Groups, DodgeBall became Google Latitude, and JotSpot became Google Voice. It is also known that in the first half of year 2013, Google spent $1.3 billion on acquisitions. To find out other Google acquisitions, check the companies listed below:

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ITA Software
acquired by Google

on April 13, 2011
Online Auctions

acquired by Google

on April 8, 2011

acquired by Google

on March 1, 2011

acquired by Google

on January 25, 2011
Social Media