Oracle has acquired 6 organizations. Their most recent acquisition was DataFox on October 22, 2018

Oracle is an American company that specializes in services and products related to information technology. It is divided into segments which include services, hardware, cloud and software. It markets and delivers infrastructure technologies, platforms and applications. Oracle is also known to produce some successful hardware products like industry-specific hardware, storage, servers and Oracle systems. In the software side, it makes operating systems, virtualization software, and management software. The services that Oracle provides are education services, support and consulting services.

Oracle was founded by Edward A. Oates, Robert Nimrod Miner, and Lawrence Joseph Ellison in 1977. It has its headquarters in Redwood City, CA. The current CEO of Oracle is Larry Ellison. 138,000 employees work for the company and it has a $37.73 billion revenue per year.

Oracle has made around 122 acquisitions so far. It divides its acquisition strategy into four parts; applications, industry solutions, middleware, and servers, storage & networking. Its first acquisition was Rdb Division of Digital Equipment Corporation in 1994. It wasn’t that big. However, next year in 1996, Oracle bought IRI Software for $100 million. The biggest acquisition that Oracle has ever made is PeopleSoft. The company bought it for $10.3 billion.

The biggest turn in Oracle acquisitions history took place, when it acquired Sun Microsystems. Before that, Oracle was solely a software company but after that, Oracle started making both hardware and software. The most recent acquisition made by Oracle is Aconex on December 17, 2017, which offers SaaS-based construction project management. Oracle bought it for $1.19 billion.

Oracle believes that through strategic acquisitions, it can meet customer demand rapidly, accelerate innovation and strengthen its product offerings. Creating value for the shareholders is another purpose that Oracle wants to meet with its smart acquisitions.

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