What Companies Does Apple Own? – [Answered]

Apple was founded by Ronald Wayne, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak back in April 1976, focusing on development and sales of Wozniak’s Apple I personal computer.

Just after a year, it was incorporated as Apple Inc. in 1977. During that time, sales of computers were gradually increasing, including the sales of their own Apple II.

With the passage of time, Apple managed to not only offer personal computers but also increased their offerings to include mobiles, consumer electronics, and computer software.

Sure, they do add new features and products to their listings or offerings but they also acquire other startups and businesses as well.

In order to find out what companies does Apple own, we’ve gathered all the data there is about Apple and added it to the list below. We call this list of ours as Apple acquisitions as well.

Acquisition dateAcquired company namePriceCategory
March 21, 2019StamplayUndisclosedCloud Computing
March 13, 2019LaserlikeUndisclosedSearch Engine
February 15, 2019PullStringUndisclosedVoice Communication
February 14, 2019DataTigerUndisclosedCRM
December 7, 2018PlatoonUndisclosedCreative Agency
November 20, 2018Silk LabsUndisclosedArtificial Intelligence
October 14, 2018AsaiiUndisclosedMachine Learning
October 11, 2018Dialog $600mSemiconductor
August 29, 2018Akonia HolographicsUndisclosedEnterprise Software
March 12, 2018TextureUndisclosedMagazine App
December 9, 2017Shazam $400mMusic
December 5, 2017Pop Up ArchiveUndisclosedAudio
December 1, 2017Spektral $30mArtificial Intelligence
November 21, 2017Vrvana $30mVirtual Reality
November 9, 2017InVisage TechnologiesUndisclosedSemiconductor
October 24, 2017PowerbyProxiUndisclosedAugmented Reality
October 3, 2017Init.aiUndisclosedArtificial Intelligence
September 29, 2017RegaindUndisclosedArtificial Intelligence
June 26, 2017SensoMotoricUndisclosedAugmented Reality
May 13, 2017Lattice Data $200mArtificial Intelligence
May 9, 2017BedditUndisclosedHardware
March 23, 2017WorkflowUndisclosedAutomation
March 23, 2017SchemasoftUndisclosedSoftware
February 19, 2017RealFace $2mMachine Learning
January 2, 2017BuddybuildUndisclosedDeveloper Tools
December 1, 2016Indoor.ioUndisclosedIndoor Navigation
September 22, 2016TuplejumpUndisclosedMachine Learning
August 22, 2016Turi $200mMachine Learning
August 22, 2016GliimpseUndisclosedHealth
February 3, 2016LegbaCoreUndisclosedPlatform Security
January 29, 2016EmotientUndisclosedFacial Recognition System
January 28, 2016LearnSproutUndisclosedEducation
January 7, 2016Flyby MediaUndisclosedAugmented Reality
November 1, 2015FaceshiftUndisclosedMotion capture
September 1, 2015Mapsense $25mMapping Visualization
September 1, 2015VocalIQUndisclosedSpeech Technology
September 1, 2015PerceptioUndisclosedMachine Learning
June 25, 2015PrivarisUndisclosedBiometrics
May 18, 2015Coherent NavigationUndisclosedGPS
May 1, 2015MetaioUndisclosedAugmented Reality
April 14, 2015Linx ImagingUndisclosedHardware
April 14, 2015LinX $20mCamera
March 24, 2015FoundationDBUndisclosedDatabase
February 24, 2015Camel AudioUndisclosedAudio
January 21, 2015Semetric $50mMusic Analytics
September 23, 2014PrssUndisclosedDigital Magazine
September 1, 2014DryftUndisclosedHardware
August 1, 2014Beats Electronics $3bnHeadphones
June 29, 2014Swell $30mMusic Streaming
June 29, 2014BookLampUndisclosedSoftware
June 6, 2014SpotsetterUndisclosedSearch Engine
May 2, 2014LuxVue TechnologyUndisclosedDisplays
February 21, 2014BurstlyUndisclosedSoftware
January 4, 2014SnappyLabsUndisclosedPhotography Software
December 23, 2013BroadMapUndisclosedMaps
December 23, 2013Catch.comUndisclosedSoftware
December 18, 2013AcunuUndisclosedDatabase Analytics
December 2, 2013Topsy $200mAnalytics
November 24, 2013PrimeSense $345mSemiconductor
October 3, 2013Cue $50mPersonal Assistant
August 28, 2013AlgoTrimUndisclosedData Compression
August 22, 2013EmbarkUndisclosedMaps
August 13, 2013MatchaUndisclosedMedia Discovery App
August 1, 2013Passif SemiconductorUndisclosedSemiconductor
July 19, 2013LocationaryUndisclosedMaps
July 19, 2013HopStop.comUndisclosedMaps
March 23, 2013WiFiSlam $20mIndoor Location
September 27, 2012ParticleUndisclosedWeb App Firm
July 27, 2012AuthenTec $356mSecurity
June 2, 2012RedmaticaUndisclosedAudio
February 23, 2012Chomp $50mSearch Engine
December 20, 2011Anobit $390mFlash Memory
August 1, 2011C3 Technologies $267m3D Mapping
September 20, 2010Polar Rose $29mFacial Recognition
September 14, 2010IMSenseUndisclosedPhotography
July 14, 2010Poly9UndisclosedWeb-based Mapping
May 10, 2010Gipsy Moth Studios $121mApp Regionalization Firm
April 27, 2010IntrinsityUndisclosedSemiconductor
April 27, 2010SiriUndisclosedVoice Control Software
January 5, 2010Quattro Wireless $275mMobile Advertising
December 6, 2009Lala.com $17mMusic Streaming
July 7, 2009PlacebaseUndisclosedMaps
April 24, 2008P.A. Semi $278mSemiconductor
December 4, 2006ProximityUndisclosedSoftware
October 16, 2006Silicon ColorUndisclosedSoftware
January 22, 2005FingerWorksUndisclosedGesture Recognition
July 1, 2002Emagic $30mMusic
June 21, 2002Prismo Graphics $20mVideo
June 20, 2002Propel SoftwareUndisclosedSoftware
June 11, 2002Silicon Grail Corp-Chalice $20mSoftware
April 4, 2002Zayante $13mSoftware
February 1, 2002Nothing Real $15mSoftware
December 31, 2001PowerSchool $66mOnline info Systems Services
July 9, 2001Spruce Technologies $14.9mGraphics software
May 11, 2001bluebuzzUndisclosedISP
April 10, 2000Astarte-DVDUndisclosedSoftware
January 7, 2000NetSelectorUndisclosedInternet Software
November 3, 1999Raycer Graphics $15mComputer Graphic Chips
January 8, 1999Xemplar Education $4.9mSoftware
September 2, 1997Power Computing $110mMacintosh Clones
February 7, 1997NeXT $404mSoftware Platform
January 3, 1989Coral SoftwareUndisclosedSoftware
July 11, 1988ClarisUndisclosedSoftware
June 27, 1988StylewareUndisclosedSoftware
June 8, 1988Orion Network SystemsUndisclosedCommunication Systems
March 2, 1988Network InnovationsUndisclosedSoftware