What Companies Does Facebook Own? – [Answered]

Facebook, an american online social media website launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg keeps getting bigger and bigger. Not only do they focus on allowing their platform to be able to provide everything in the single place – from ads to messaging and so on – but also try to acquire other products as well like Instagram and Whatsapp.

Even though they only started as a social media website, they’ve become known to almost everyone in the world – some of the credits go to acquiring other products in other niches.

In order to find out what companies does Facebook own, we’ve gathered all the data there is about Facebook and added it to the list below. We call this list of ours as Facebook Acquisitions as well.

Acquisition dateAcquired company namePriceCategory
January 23, 2018Confirm.ioUndisclosedData Visualization
October 16, 2017tbhUndisclosedApp
August 11, 2017Fayteq AGUndisclosedAugmented Reality
July 31, 2017OzloUndisclosedArtificial Intelligence
July 24, 2017Source3UndisclosedAugmented Reality
November 16, 2016FacioMetricsUndisclosedAugmented Reality
November 11, 2016CrowdTangleUndisclosedBrand Marketing
September 19, 2016Nascent Objects IncUndisclosedProduct Design
August 8, 2016EyegrooveUndisclosedSocial Media
May 23, 2016Two Big Ears LtdUndisclosedAudio
March 9, 2016MSQRDUndisclosedVisual Effects
October 5, 2015EndagaUndisclosedImpact Investing
May 20, 2015Tugboat YardsUndisclosedDigital Media
March 13, 2015TheFind, Inc.UndisclosedSearch Engine
January 16, 2015Teehan+LaxUndisclosedDigital Marketing
January 8, 2015QuickFire NetworksUndisclosedCloud Data Services
January 5, 2015Wit.aiUndisclosedDeveloper APIs
August 7, 2014PrivateCoreUndisclosedCyber Security
July 2, 2014LiveRail $500mAdvertising
July 1, 2014Little Eye LabsUndisclosedTest and Measurement
June 3, 2014PryteUndisclosedIT
April 24, 2014ProtoGeoUndisclosedMobile
March 28, 2014Ascenta (UK)UndisclosedSolar-Powered Drones
March 25, 2014Oculus VR $2bnVirtual Reality
February 19, 2014WhatsApp $19bnMobile Instant Messaging
January 13, 2014Branch $15mInternet
December 17, 2013SportStreamUndisclosedConsumer Electronics
October 14, 2013Onavo $150mSocial Network
August 12, 2013JibbigoUndisclosedLanguage Learning
July 18, 2013MonoidicsUndisclosedAnalytics
April 25, 2013Parse $90mCloud Computing
April 23, 2013Spaceport.ioUndisclosedOnline Games
April 11, 2013OsmetaUndisclosedSoftware
March 14, 2013Hot StudioUndisclosedWeb Design
March 8, 2013StorylaneUndisclosedContent Marketing
February 28, 2013Atlas SolutionsUndisclosedInternet
August 24, 2012threadsyUndisclosedSocial Media
July 20, 2012Acrylic SoftwareUndisclosedSoftware
July 14, 2012SpoolUndisclosedEnterprise Software
June 21, 2012Bolt | PetersUndisclosedTest and Measurement
June 18, 2012Face.com $100mFace Recognition
June 11, 2012PieceableUndisclosedMobile
May 18, 2012KarmaUndisclosedMobile
May 15, 2012LightboxUndisclosedPhoto Sharing
May 4, 2012GlanceeUndisclosedSearch Engine
April 13, 2012TagtileUndisclosedLoyalty Programs
April 9, 2012Instagram $1bnPhoto Sharing
March 10, 2012GazeHawkUndisclosedInternet
March 3, 2012Friend.lyUndisclosedBlogging Platforms
February 29, 2012SendoidUndisclosedFile Sharing
December 2, 2011Gowalla $3mPhotography
November 28, 2011WhoGlueUndisclosedSoftware
November 15, 2011MailRankUndisclosedEmail
November 8, 2011StrobeUndisclosedWeb Development
November 7, 2011Digital StaircaseUndisclosedSoftware
August 2, 2011Push Pop PressUndisclosedMarketing
June 9, 2011SofaUndisclosedDeveloper Tools
April 27, 2011DaytumUndisclosedAnalytics
March 20, 2011Snaptu $70mMobile
March 1, 2011BelugaUndisclosedMessaging
February 25, 2011PursuitUndisclosedSocial Network
January 25, 2011Rel8tionUndisclosedAdvertising
November 16, 2010ZenbeUndisclosedMobile
October 29, 2010drop.ioUndisclosedEducation
September 25, 2010NextstopUndisclosedDigital Entertainment
August 15, 2010Chai Labs $10mSoftware
July 28, 2010Hot Potato $10mSocial Media Marketing
May 26, 2010ShareGroveUndisclosedSocial Network
April 2, 2010DivvyshotUndisclosedPhoto Sharing
February 19, 2010Octazen SolutionsUndisclosedSocial Network
August 10, 2009FriendFeed $50mSocial Media
July 1, 2007ParakeyUndisclosedSocial Media