Why WordPress is the Primary Tool for Many Internet Start-Ups

In its 14 years on the market, WordPress has powered many of the world’s top sites and most profitable start-ups. Designed as a basic blogging platform, WordPress grew into a software development tool used to power millions of sites and businesses around the Internet. Today, this powerful Content Management System powers nearly a third of the entire internet and is used by 49% of the world’s top 1 million sites. With such strong market adoption, it changes even the web hosting industry, with more and more guides and servers optimized for WordPress hosting appearing left and right.

We explore why WordPress is the primary tool used by so many of the internet’s start-ups and internet-based platforms.


Due to its high level of adoption and market penetration, WordPress has garnered a reputation for being a stable and reliable partner for powering websites and internet businesses. Not only has it outlasted most of its competitors, but it has built a reputation as being the go-to content management system online, commanding an impressive 59.5% market share.

With new updates appearing on average every 42 days, WordPress is known for improving their code and software frequently. Adopted by some of the world’s biggest celebrities and brands, WordPress’s reputation is a major factor in its position as the primary tool for many businesses and start-ups.

Ease Of Adoption

WordPress is relatively easy to set up and begin using even for the less tech savvy internet user. With the average theme costing only $57.54, the price point of setting up a business via WordPress is relatively low. Additionally, with thousands of tutorials and guides to walk you through the process, setting up and administration is straightforward, while troubleshooting and common fixes are well documented.


Likely the main reason for WordPress being the universal tool it is can be chalked up to its customizability. With over 52,000 plugins that deliver pretty much any function imaginable, WordPress can be customized to suit any business needs. From fully integrated online sales and commerce solutions to spam detection and deletion, any custom feature can be added to a WordPress powered site, and a plug-in likely already exists to do exactly what you need your website to do.

Top Examples Of Success

With some of WordPress alumni sites selling for millions or earning billion dollar valuations, WordPress success stories are relatively common in the modern marketplace. TechCrunch, for example, was founded in 2005 and was sold 5 years later for $30 million.

Automattic is another great example of a WordPress site that generates huge revenue of over $1.2 billion and is among the most profitable of WordPress powered sites. Other top brands that have been hugely successful creating their site with WordPress include Disney, IBM, Samsung and eBay Inc.

With its stellar reputation, ease of adoption, customizability and a successful track record of projects and users, WordPress is a great weapon to have for any internet company or brand. Considering its low price point and a huge library of tutorials and guides, it’s no wonder that WordPress is the primary propeller toward success for so many of the internet’s start-ups and innovative ideas.